This is where science and art meet to make beautiful voices...

Hi, I’m Michael, a former rocket scientist turned voice teacher, singer, and actor.

I’ve had leading roles on NBC, ABC, PBS, and in musical theater, but my greatest love is helping others find their most expressive voices.

I work with students at EVERY level – from Broadway singers and voice-over professionals to stutterers and people who can’t stand their own voices.

I believe I can train ANYONE to have a resonant speaking voice and a beautiful singing voice.

I believe this because I’ve done it.

I’ve taught over 1,000 singers and speakers and dealt with every vocal problem imaginable– including my own 

Michael is changing my life. I’ve been coming to this class for just over a year now, it has been a truly magical experience seeing my voice change. I’ve also learned a ton about music theory and I’m getting better at reading music/sight reading (but you don’t need to worry about this if you’re brand new). I’ve never left a class not smiling. It’s such a fundamental right that we have to be able to sing and Michael helps everyone rediscover that right in the most natural way possible.
Robert West, New York City
Robert West, New York City