What's best for me – individual or group lessons?

Either approach is fine. Group lessons (4-6 students) can be a lot of fun and many learn fastest this way, especially beginners. However, if you need more intense work (i.e., preparing for a show or audition), then choose the individual option. **A third option is to pair with a partner for a semi-private lesson.

How often should I take lessons?

How fast do you want to learn? It’s best to have a lesson at least once a week. But if you can make it twice a week, you may learn twice as fast.

What will be expected of me between lessons?

I will assign you a song to learn and send you sheet music as well as YouTube links so you can hear outstanding renditions. I’ll want you to become familiar with the song – but let’s not overdo it – it’s counter productive to over-rehearse (especially in the beginning). I may also give you a short exercise for the week.

Does it matter that I can't read music?

Music notation is a language unto itself. Many good singers don’t read music. However, it helps to know a little bit about it. As we go along, I’ll teach you what you need to know to be a better performer.

Can you help me correct my accent?

I’ve helped students from many countries learn to speak “American.” We do it while singing slow, simple ballads. It works … and it’s fun.

Can you help me put my audition piece on its feet?

I’d love to! My career experience includes leading roles at NBC, ABC, PBS, and in musical theater, directing plays, and coaching actors.

And because I’ve worked with Actor’s Equity, SAG, AFTRA, AGVA and AGMA, I know what’s called for in different venues, whether in TV, film, voice-over, or on stages big or small.

Michael’s class is the highlight of my week. Each lesson he coaxes out of me my natural, clear resonant voice a bit more. He is so devoted to the development of his students, and in just a few months, I’ve noticed an astonishing improvement in my ability to sing. It is such a gift, and I am so grateful. Thank you Michael!
Sam Muglia, New York & LA
Sam Muglia, New York & LA