The Force Is With You: The Physics Of Singing In The Shower

You sense your voice soaring… you feel your whole body vibrating… you imagine you are part of a powerful force field…

Well… your voice really IS soaring. Your body really IS vibrating. You ARE caught up in a giant force field.

At NASA we called this a “resonance field.”

There is an actual merging of energies between your voice and the spaces and surfaces around you

You’re likely to experience this in the shower. Why? Because the walls are close and their surface is hard and reflective. So the sound that is triggered by your vocal chords, that then is amplified by your body, and then reflected back to you in sympathy by the walls.

If you sing in a choir, that’s another place where this happens, except its your choir mates sending you sympathetic vibrations.

In either case, you really are part of something bigger – a giant force field.