I promise I will NEVER tell you to “breathe from your diaphragm.”Here’s why…

I will never tell you to “breathe from your diaphragm” because you already did it 17,280 times today. That is how air gets into your body – there’s no other way to breathe!

In my training, I talk surprisingly little about the diaphragm. It’s more productive to concentrate on things more easily felt or observed. Things such as sensations in the face, at the larynx, the sounds themselves, easy high notes, vibrations in the chest or the top of the head, straining, and ease of delivery.

Question:  I thought breathing from the diaphragm was important. You make it sound extraneous. How come?

Answer:  It is important. But your diaphragm works best when you don’t worry about it. Furthermore, we have no direct awareness of it anyway (it has no proprioceptive nerves). You’ll tie yourself in knots trying to figure it out. There are more productive things to pay attention to than what’s happening in a muscle you can’t even feel.