Your Voice Could Once Fill A Stadium

Even before your eyes were open, your voice could fill a stadium.

The human voice comes into the world perfectly coordinated to make itself heard. But then it has to learn to speak… alas, in becoming articulate, it often suppresses its power. Our job is to recover that power and channel it into our adult voices.

You can’t teach a person anything, you can only lead them to find it within themselvesGalileo


Learning to speak involves, mostly, coordination the tongue. Some sounds are particularly tricky to make.
Take the AW vowel for instance, as in the work “jaw.” The tip of the tongue has to be down behind the front teeth. The back of the tongue has to be raised toward the roof of the mouth.
And you have to do this with a muscle that is only connected at one end! And you’re a two-year-old! It takes children years to learn all the sounds.
For most people, the AW vowel becomes “dead” because the tongue moves too far toward the back of the throat.
What do I mean by “dead”?
Some of the vocal energy has been blocked by the tongue from passing up into the sinus and being thereby transmitted to the “mask” area of the face. This full resonance would add 97% of the sound to the the 3% made by the vocal chords.